WHOIS/RDDS service is used to look up records in the Registry database and can provide information about:

Domain Records 

    • Such as finding the domain name, registrar name, WHOIS/RDDS server and URL and name server names.

Registrar Records 

    • Such as finding the registrar name, abuse contact email, and phone number.

Consistent with ICANN policy and to comply with applicable national privacy laws or requirements, the public WHOIS/RDDS output display may contain redacted data fields where such data cannot be made publicly available. If you have a legitimate interest or legal basis to contact the registrant and the data is redacted, please refer to the RDDS records available through the registrar URL listed in the WHOIS/RDDS service to request access.

ICANN educational and policy materials are available here: https://whois.icann.org.

By submitting a search query, the user agrees to abide by the WHOIS/RDDS Access Policy.