.Bank to Auction Reserve Names

fTLD is making available Cornerstone.Bank and CornerstoneCommunity.Bank from its Reserved Names List via auction.

Auction Process:

  • For an opportunity to register the domain name(s), participation in the auction is required.[1]

  • Participants must meet the .Bank organization and domain name eligibility requirements (available here) to be considered a valid bidder, and the registering organization (i.e., Registrant) must comply with these requirements as a term of its registration of the domain name(s).

  • The minimum bid price for each domain name is $5,000; bidders should submit their maximum bid.

  • In the event of a tie, fTLD will request each tied bidder to provide its best-and-final offer for the domain name.

  • Upon conclusion of the auction, fTLD will notify the winning bidder and inform others who did not win.

  • The winning bidder will pay their submitted bid, as a one-time fee, to fTLD within 10-calendar days of the invoice date.

  • Upon fTLD’s acknowledgement of receipt of payment of the auction fee, the winner must complete a Verification Application (accessible here) within five (5) calendar days to be verified to register the domain name(s). Once verified, the winner may register the domain name(s) with its fTLD-Approved Registrar[2] of choice at the registrar’s standard domain name registration fee.

  • The winning bidder must register the domain name(s) within ten (10) calendar days of being successfully verified by fTLD.

  • Failure to meet the specified timelines, in fTLD’s sole discretion, will result in the right to register being waived, the auction fee returned (if applicable) and the domain name(s) made available to the second highest bidder or returned to the Reserved Names List.


To participate in the auction, the following must be emailed to bid@fTLD.com any time prior to 5pm EST on Monday, February 26, 2024. If there is interest in both domain names separate bids must be submitted.

  • Domain Name:

  • Company Legal Name:

  • Company Legal Address:

  • Bidder’s Name:

  • Bidder’s Title:

  • Bidder’s Email Address:

  • Bidder’s Phone Number:

  • Maximum Bid:

 Submit questions about the auction process to the above email address.


[1] If there are no participants in the auction, the domain name(s) will remain reserved.

[2] Bidders are encouraged to identify their Registrar prior to submission of their bid to avoid delays in registering the domain name(s) after being verified. The full list of fTLD-Approved Registrars is available here.

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