.Bank Eligibility

To register a .Bank domain, your organization must be eligible and the domain name(s) you select must correspond to your organization’s legal name or branding (e.g., trademark, trade name, service mark). The Policies linked below provide the complete eligibility requirements.

Organization Eligibility

Your organization must be one of the following government regulated entities:

      1. Retail bank
      2. Savings association
      3. National retail bank
      4. Retail bank or savings association holding or parent company

    Other eligible organizations include:

      1. Associations or groups of associations whose membership is primarily comprised of the above regulated entities
      2. Government regulators of retail banks, savings associations, national retail banks or organizations whose members are primarily comprised of such government regulators (if approved by the fTLD Board)


    Refer to the .Bank Registrant Eligibility Policy and its Implementation Guidelines.

    Domain Name Eligibility

    Domain names must correspond to organization’s legal name or branding (e.g., trademark, trade name, service mark). A registered trademark is not required to register a domain name.

    Refer to the .Bank Name Selection Policy and its Implementation Guidelines.

    Questions about eligibility should be sent to fTLD@fTLD.com.

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